How long will our poem be? A Basho inspired glimpse, or a Homer flavored epic... The possibilities are endless. Below are my most popular offerings in USD.

Your place/Mine


Haiku: 1h 400/500

Couplet: 2h 650/750

Tercet: 3 h 850/950

Quatern: 4 h 1100/1200
Sestina: 6h 1500/1600
Sonnet: 14h 2800/3000

Rispetto: 24h 5500/6000

If you want to luxuriate together for longer, or something in between, I am amicable to discussing the details via email. Engagements 3 hours or longer require a a toothsome break for sustenance. Dates longer than 12 hours will include 7 hours of sleep. I love to travel. I will fly to you for a minimum 6 hour booking and travel expenses.



Deep tissue sensual massage with massage oil, body glides and deep healing release.

1 h 250/350

1.5 h 300/400
90 min delight 500/600



90 min. 575/675


A breathtaking pairing of intimate companionship and therapeutic, deep tissue massage.


Let's Meet

You made it this far! I've tantalized you with mouthwatering snapshots and shared a little taste of my worldview and now you're ready to meet. I am a low-volume provider. This means I am fortunate to be able to turn down inquiries from people who aren't respectful or willing to meet my safety protocols.

I empathize that it can be frightening to submit your personal information over the internet. It would be counter intuitive for my business to do anything but treat this information with complete discretion. As you can understand, my safety is my top priority and I am unable to meet any individual who does not provide me with the following screening information. In your introductory email, include your full name 1-2 provider references from professionals you have seen in the last year, their website, email address and the date you met them. If you fail to include such information, I may not respond.

Alternatively, if you are new and do not have provider references, I will accept a photo of your state/federal id and your Linkedin account or business website. All potential callers, please include the following information in your introductory contact.

-Full legal name

-Email address (preferably work email)

-Phone number

-Date of birth

-City of residence

-Employer name
-Any Questions for me
-What you would like our rendezvous to include


 When we book together, I'm penning you into my datebook, and will be fully present with you. In order to secure any date, I require a deposit of $100. I have several secure online payment options for this purpose. We all live full lives. Should you need to cancel If you need to cancel with less than 48 hours notice, I will charge you a cancellation fee of 50% of the overall donation.

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