Hello beautiful stranger.

I'm Aisling, repeat after me: Ash-Ling. It's a gaelic name spelled in the traditional way. It means “like a dream or vision” and refers to a genre of Irish poetry bridging the romantic love poem with the political.


I'm delighted to have made your acquaintance. I love meeting new friends and fanning the flame of established relationships. Weather we're having a heartfelt conversation about social change or spiritual growth over dinner, visiting a museum in a new city, or trading massages I am your bubbly and discreet companion. Whatever the activity, will find ourselves thriving, feeling fully alive together in the here and now.


I connect well with people from varied walks of life and lived experiences. As a discerning go-getter, you are constantly striving to meet the deadlines, support your loved ones and please others.


It's been a while since you've brushed up against the infinite. When you're in my world, it's all about coming home to your internal sacred well and embracing life's numerous delights.

I bring an uncommon level of compassion, care and presence to my work. I find it deeply fulfilling to commune with people of varied physical abilities. As a queer person, it's also a joy to connect with other LGBTQIA folks.

Maybe I'm a little soft spoken and shy at first, but as we become more acquainted, you will be captivated by my ability to create a serene and inviting atmosphere, and my ability to find the silliness and humor in the mundane. I adore co-creating a luxurious and intimate atmosphere. I also revel in the opportunity to explore the peaks and valleys of your submission as we explore our darker fantasies.

I feed my soul through travel, tending vegetable and herb gardens, listening to music, preparing meals out of local ingredients with loved ones and keeping it sexy. I kindle my fire by dancing, lifting weights + HIIT and connecting with new and old friends. I quench my thirst for justice and knowledge by reading, listening to podcasts and philosophic debates, reading the news, participating in activism and studying French. I decompress by writing letters, netflix & chilling, reading sci-fi and fiction.

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